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Door threshold, door sweep.

Rodent Proof door sweeps.

This is a high quality EDPM rubber door sweep embedded with the patented Rodent Proof material that has proven to keep rodents of all types OUT.

For more information on EDPM rubber, click here – EDPM RUBBER




If you have rodent issues this door sweep is the ideal solution. For compliance in the food industry this is an excellent addition to your compliance program. Inspectors that see you going to the extra effort of installing Rodent Proof door sweeps will be rightfully impressed.  Every little bit helps when it comes to a compliance survey.

Looking at the composition of this door threshold seal, or door sweep, it is clear to see the high quality of the entire product. Heavy EDPM Rubber rolled around the patented Rodent Proof materiel forms an excellent barrier to the elements and to all types of chewing rodents. If a particularly ambitious rodent works his way through the first layer of EDPM rubber, once he hits the Rodent Proof barrier he will be wishing he was never born. Rodent proof – 1 – Rodent – 0

We carry this exact door threshold in 4 foot wide here – DOOR SWEEP

We have several other door sweep options here – DOOR SWEEP

We also have additional Rodent Proof weather seals here – GARAGE DOOR WEATHER SEAL


This is a very easy to install product that will provide an excellent return on investment. It is a very good weather barrier and it really does keep out the rodents. Consider the damage just one rodent can cause.

This and all our products are made in the USA

We work very closely with our vendors and in some instances the manufacturers of the products we sell. Not only do we, stand behind our products, as well as each and every vendor we work with. When you purchase from us you have a large group of people standing behind the products we carry. We are here for you before, during and after the sale.


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