Garage Door Bottom Kit


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Garage Door Weather Seal

Garage Door Bottom Weather Stripping Kit

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Garage Door Bottom Kit – for 2″ Door

Our Garage Door Bottom Kit is a good solution when the existing weather seal on the garage door is no longer available or the type that is available is not sufficient to properly seal your garage door to the floor.
This garage door seal kit is for doors 1-3/4″ to 2″ thick. We also have this exact kit for doors 1-3/8″ to 1/3/4″ Thick

This garage door bottom kit comes with 4″ wide (laid flat) weather seal that will provide an excellent seal to the floor. Even if there are small gaps currently under the garage door the weather seal provided in this kit will close up those gaps. In situations where the floor is in good shape and there are no gaps under the door the 4″ weather seal will provide the optimum seal of the door to the floor.

We offer kits for both single car wide and double wide garage doors from 8′ to 18′ wide.

Included in the kit(s):

54″ PVC Retainers

4″ Wide .060 Thick, Heavy Duty Vinyl Weather Seal.

Fasteners – self tapping stainless.



We have this exact kit for doors 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″ thick here – OVERHEAD DOOR BOTTOM SEAL KIT

Weather seal is at least 2″ longer than listed for a perfect fit.

If you would like a closer look at the weather seal provided in this kit – click here – GARAGE DOOR WEATHER SEAL

If you would like a closer look at the retainer provided in this kit – click here – WEATHER SEAL RETAINER


With the correct retainer / weather seal combination, we can help you seal any door to any floor. If one of our garage door bottom seal kits is not going to suit your particular job site conditions, we sell many different garage door retainers and also a wide variety of weather seal that works with our retainers. Retainers and weather seal can be purchased separately to provide you with the perfect combination for your garage door.


Easy to install.

Installing the Garage Door Bottom Kit can be done by one person but it helps to have two people especially to slide the weather seal into the new bottom retainer.

In some cases you will able to install the retainer over the existing retainer, but in most cases it is preferable to remove the existing retainer. This typically gives you a better mounting surface for the new retainer.

Hold the first length of retainer up and onto the bottom section with the end of the retainer even with the end of the garage door, mark the retainer if any trimming or notching is needed. Using a hack saw, trim the retainer as needed. Now install the retainer using the provided screws. Continue this process with the remaining lengths of retainer trimming and/or notching the final length of retainer at the other end of the garage door.

Once the new retainer is installed securely to the bottom of the garage door insert the T portion of the weather seal into the slot on the bottom of the retainer. Here is where it is best to have two people involved, one to guide the weather seal into the retainer and the other to pull the weather seal along the length of the garage door. We use WD40 applied into the channel of the retainer to help the weather seal slide. When you have pulled the weather seal the length of the garage door, make sure that the weather seal is not stretched or stressed. Once the weather seal is installed, trim off any excess weather seal with a sharp utility knife leaving approximately 1/2″ of weather seal beyond the edge of the garage door. You can run a screw into the retainer channel to hold the weather seal in place.


See our extensive video library for videos of this and all of our products.

If you are having difficulty in determining the correct weather seal for you application, send us an email with photos and we will be glad to help.

Garage door bottom kit


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