Garage Door Retainer – 1 Inch Straight


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Garage Door Retainer – 1 Inch Straight

Garage Door Seal Retainer

Garage Door Brush Seal

Garage Door Edge Seal


Garage Door Retainer – 1 Inch Straight

If mounting to a metal surface, we carry screws here – Weather Seal Screws

Brush & Blade  Seal Retainer

Brush & Blade  Seal Retainers, see our line drawing for measurements of this item.

We offer other Brush & Blade Seal Retainers Here – BRUSH SEAL RETAINER 

These brush & blade seal retainers are sold in 55″ lengths and combined to achieve any total length required.

Due to shipping reasons we ship brush & blade seal retainers in lengths of 55″

1 – Length = 55”
2 – Lengths =110’ or 9’2”
3 – Lengths = 165” or 13’-9”
4 – Lengths = 220” or 18’-4”
5 – Lengths = 275” or 22’-11”
6 – Lengths = 330″ or 27′-6″
7 – Lengths = 385″ or 32′-1″
8 – Lengths = 440″ or 36′-8″
9 – Lengths = 495″ or 41′-3″
10- Lengths = 550″ or 45′-10″


As seen in the images above we also carry brush & blade seals in any continuous length required.

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These brush & blade  seal retainers, used in conjunction with our flexible brush seals allow you to combine the perfect brush seal retainer to the exact brush seal. This gives you unlimited customization possibilities.


Below is some information on our flexible brush seals that can be found by using the above link.

Brush seals are used in any situation that has an un even surface that needs to be sealed.  Great for shutter type doors, rolling doors and other doors that have imperfect gaps, varied gaps, rough surfaces, slats that present an un even surface and many, many other instances where a rubber or vinyl seal will just not work. Brush seals are a “go to” seal and are great to have on hand for custom situations.

We carry a  unique brush seal in that it is flexible, we can roll this product enabling us to ship long lengths.

This material is very easy to cut with a hack saw.

This type of brush seal  is a convenient, money saving alternative to traditional metal back brush seals that can only ship UPS in up to 8′ lengths, longer lengths have to go truck and shipping is very cost prohibitive.

Our brush seal is made of rugged yet lightweight and pliable materials, this flexible brush seal weighs up to 40% less than conventional brush seals and is available on rolls, drastically reducing shipping costs.

Eliminates scrap, waste and splices.

Easy transport and storage.

Can be cut on site to the “exact” length required.

Resistance against to corrosion and chemicals.

Homogeneous bond between the backing material and the filament.

Brush & Blade Seal Retainer

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1 Length (55"), 2 Lengths (110" or 9' 2"), 3 Lengths (165" or 13' 9"), 4 Lengths (220" or 18' 4"), 5 Lengths (275" or 22' 11"), 6 Lengths (330" or 27' 6"), 7 Lengths (385" or 32' 1"), 8 Lengths (440" or 36' 8"), 9 Lengths (495" or 41' 3"), 10 Lengths (550" or 45' 10")