Garage Door Weather Seal T Style – 5/16″


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Garage Door Weather Stripping

Garage Door Weather Seal – Clopay, Overhead Door, Wayne Dalton


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Garage Door Weather Seal T Style – 5/16″

Bottom Garage Door Weather Seal

Garage Door Weather Seal T Style – 5/16″
5/16” T Width
Many garage door bottom weather seals with the  T Style Weather Seal have a ¼” wide T width. This is the harder to find 5/16” Wide T Style
Choose from 3-3/4” OR 4-3/4″ Wide laid flat
Thickness: .045


All lengths are cut at least 2″ longer than size listed, with extra length given to get a perfect fit for your application.

The weather seal’s bottom side is ribbed to prevent freezing to the floor.
Made from high quality Vinyl, the color is black.


We also carry a premium version of this seal in Rubber. CLICK HERE to view listing!

Always measure the existing weather seal, pay particular attention to the area of the weather seal that is inserted into the channel or channels on the bottom of the door. This weather seal has 5/16″ T width.


Made in the USA


Easy to cut to get the perfect fit to your door.

If your floor is in good shape and level, go with the 3-3/4″ Wide, if you have gaps under the door, consider the 4-3/4″ Wide, our videos go into a bit more depth regarding the proper width to choose.

Easy to install, remove old weather seal, clean and straighten the bottom retainer if needed.

Use a wire brush to clean the bottom of the door and the door weather seal retainer
Check the ends of the retainer, they may have been pinched when originally installed, open those ends up if needed.
Spray lubricant into the channels of the retainer. One person guides the seal into the tracks, one person pulls the weather seal.
Do not stretch the weather seal tight, move it along the bottom of the door until it is not being stressed or stretched.
Cut off any excess and lightly crimp the ends of the channel to hold the garage door bottom weather stripping in place.


If you have a situation that requires a different type of garage door weather seal, or if there is a gap issue that
will not be corrected with this standard weather seal, consider replacing the bottom retainer to a
more standard 1/4″ T style to better fit your situation. That will also allow you to use one of our specialty seals such as ” Rodent Block” or “Super Seal”.


That will allow you to use a wide variety of types and styles of weather seal.
We stock many different bottom retainers and a wide variety of weather seal in the common 1/4″ style.


We also offer complete bottom seal kits here – WEATHER SEAL BOTTOM KITS


Check out our video for an overview of bead seal and also our videos for these specific products.


Do not hesitate to drop us an email or call if you need any assistance in determining the correct weather seal for your garage door.

Send us photos of the existing seal with dimensions and we will point you to the correct seal.

Check out our video on this and/or any of our products.


Garage Door Weather Seal T Style – 5/16″


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3-3/4" WIDTH, 4-3/4" WIDTH



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