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Garage Door Threshold Seal

Garage Door Floor Seal


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Garage Door Threshold

Peel & Stick – Garage Door Threshold Seal

Garage door threshold helps to keep out water, snow, dirt, leaves and other debris by creating a barrier.
Garage door threshold, along with the correct garage door bottom seal will provide an excellent seal of the garage door to the floor.
Resistant to oil, gas, antifreeze and other chemicals commonly found in a garage or around cars and machinery.
Helps reduces moisture damage by creating a better seal of the door to the floor.
Endures temperature extremes-wont crack, move or shatter, heavy duty polyvinyl compound that will withstand years of heavy usage. This threshold seal is designed to be repeatedly driven over with cars and trucks.
Made in USA
Meets CA. fire marshal and CPAI-84 requirements for flame resistance.
This is a very durable product, thick yet pliable, very dense. It will provide many years of reliable service.




3″ Wide

1/2″ Tall at the high point.

All lengths come 2″ minimum longer than the listed lenght.

See line drawing for detailed dimensions.

Hump is installed on the inside and up against the garage door.

Tools required for installation:

Sharp Utility Knife


Safety Glasses

50 Degree F or above




For painted or treated floors use our Aluminum threshold seal.


We have several options / variations of this product.

For Black Glue Down Threshold – Click Here – GARAGE DOOR THRESHOLD SEAL

For Gray Glue Down Threshold – Click Here – GARAGE THRESHOLD SEAL

For Gray Peel and Stick Threshold – Click Here – GARAGE DOOR FLOOR SEAL

For Aluminum Threshold – Click Here – ALUMINUM GARAGE DOOR THRESHOLD


Glue Down VS Peel & Stick:

Price, glue down is slightly less expensive than Peel & Stick.

Installation. Peel & Stick is easier to install than glue down threshold in that the adhesive is already applied to the threshold seal.

Basically, with Peel & Stick threshold seal installation is somewhat quicker and there are less steps involved in installation, however, Peel & Stick is slightly higher in cost. In most cases set up time for Peel & Stick is less than with the glue down threshold. The actual threshold material is virtually the same product in glue down and Peel & Stick.

VERY easy to install:

This product can be installed by a single person but it is recommended that two people install this threshold seal.

Unplug the garage door opener and put the door in manual operation.
-Do not remove plastic covering the adhesive.
-Place the threshold in place on the garage floor.
-Then cut to length and notch at the ends around the jamb and or door track if needed.
-Lower the garage door onto the threshold and adjust the threshold under the door and to the door, the hump on the threshold goes on the inside of the door against the garage door. Once the threshold is in place clamp the door down to hold the threshold in place and draw pencil lines on both the inside and outside edge of the threshold.
-Open the door and put clamps under the bottom two rollers of the garage door, roll up the threshold.
-Using Acetone or Pine- Sol, to thoroughly clean the area between the pencil lines.
-This must be 100% dry before proceeding, using a leaf blower will speed up dry time.

Two people should install the threshold, one holds the rolled threshold, the other peels back the plastic cover of the adhesive a few feet at a time and positions the threshold in place using the pencil lines to keep the threshold in position. Press the threshold down every few inches.

Once the threshold is in place walk on the threshold to press it down insuring that the garage door threshold stays between the lines on the floor. Then close the garage door onto the threshold and clamp it down tightly, use C clamps or vice grips on the track above a roller to hold the door down. Keep the door down for a few hours and you’re all set. Clamping the door down onto the threshold is only a precaution and will help insure that the entire length of the threshold has been pressed onto the garage floor. When pressing the door onto the garage door threshold make sure that the door is contacting the entire lenght of the garage door threshold, if not, use shims in any areas as needed.

Once the garage door threshold is installed, if there are any gaps under the door those can be addressed by replacing the bottom weather seal on the door. We have an extensive line of garage door weather seals and weather seal retainers that will help you to seal any door to any floor.


If you have any questions or need help with a bulk order call or email us, we’d be happy to help you.


Check out our videos on this and all of our products.


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