Garage Door T Style Weather Stripping


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Garage Door Weather Seal

Overhead Door Weather Stripping

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Garage Door T Style Weather Stripping

This is by far the most common type of weather seal used in the garage door industry.

This garage door T style weather stripping is used for both residential and commercial garage doors. Many garage door manufactures use this weather seal on there new doors. This is the common 1/4″ T width weather seal that fits all our our garage door retainers. This garage door T style weather stripping is available in 3, 4 & 6″ widths (laid flat). Simply put this is our “go to” weather seal and we use it on just about every type of garage door. Heavy duty economical vinyl, .060″ thick.

Pull a short lenght of the existing weather seal out of the retainer, slice it off with a sharp utility knife and measure the T width and also the overall width of the weather seal laid flat.


3″, 4″ & 6″

.060 Thick

1/4″ T width

Heavy Vinyl






We have this same weather seal in GRAY – here – GARAGE DOOR BOTTOM WEATHER SEAL


If your looking to get a new bottom weather seal on your door and you have 1/4″ T slots on the bottom of the door, this is the perfect weather seal. A new weather seal will make the world of difference when replacing an old worn, torn and flattened weather seal. If the floor is in good shape and is level, the 3″ garage door T style weather stripping will be good. If the floor is off a bit and there is a gap or gaps under the door that are minor, use the 4″ weather seal, the 4″ seal can also be used on good, level floors, it will give you a larger contact patch and a better over all seal. If there are major issues with the floor or gaps under the door, the 6″ wide seal may be the answer. The 4 & 6″ weather seal can be “trained” to keep its U shape, particularly on the ends where most gap issue occur. Simply install foam rubber or a lenght of garden hose wrapped in duct tape into the U of the weather seal. This will keep the weather seal in its U shape in the area of any gaps or floor issues.

If your door currently does not accept this garage door T style weather stripping and you need or want to use this type of weather seal, simply replace the bottom retainer on the garage door. We carry many different types, styles, shapes and sized retainers to accept this garage door T style weather seal. We also stock specialty seals with the 1/4″ T style U shape. Here are some links to check out.


Retainers – click here – WEATHER SEAL RETAINER

1/4″ T Style Weather Seal – Click here – T STYLE SEALS


If you are having trouble determining the correct weather seal for your door or application, call or email, best to send us photos and dimensions and we can quickly point to in the right directions.


Check out our videos on this and any of our products for a closer look and further details.

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