Garage Door Rubber Weather Seal


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Garage Door Weather Seal

Garage Door Weather Stripping

Garage Door Bottom Rubber


Garage Door Rubber Weather Seal

This seal is ACTUAL RUBBER


Garage Door Rubber Weather Stripping

Common garage door weather seals are made of vinyl, this is a heavy EDPM Rubber weather seal.
This is a premium weather seal suitable for various conditions, this is a long lasting product.


Black EPDM Synthetic RUBBER
Excellent in extreme temperature and conditions creating a great quality seal.


Length is at least 2” longer than size ordered, giving extra length for the perfect fit.
Can be easily cut to any length with utility knife or scissors.

.058 Tick

Heavily ribbed on the outside
Single T  – 1/4″ T width
Choose from 3″, 4″ or 6” wide to accommodate differing floor types and situations.


Made in the USA


Place the ribbed side to floor, ribs further help prevent the weather seal from freezing to the floor.


This premium rubber weather seal will stay pliable and hold its U shape longer than a vinyl seal.

Here is some additional information on EDPM RUBBER


If your door currently does not have the ability to accept this style of weather seal, consider
replacing the bottom retainer on the door, that will allow you to use this premium rubber weather seal.


We carry several shapes, sizes and lengths of retainer to accommodate any garage door and garage floor.
Replacing the retainer will enable you to use this or many other types and styles of bottom seal.
Check out our retainer options here – WEATHER SEAL RETAINER


Installs easily with two people. One guides seal into track and pulls, the other feeds the seal.
Lightly crimp ends of track or run a small screw into the track to hold the weather seal in place.
Helps to completely clean the track and then apply lubricant such as WD-40.


We do carry this in Vinyl at a lower cost




Feel free to email or call if you have any questions, we can help you seal any door with our top quality products!

Check out our video on this and all our products.

Garage Door Rubber Weather Seal


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in

3" Wide, 4" Wide, 6" Wide


8' Length, 9' Length, 10' Length, 12' Length, 14' Length, 16' Length, 18' Length, 20' Length, 50' Length, 100' Length, 150' Length

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