Rubber Garage Door Weather Seal Blade


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Rubber Garage Door Weather Seal Blade

Threshold Seal

Weather Seal


Rubber Garage Door Weather Seal Blade

EDPM Black rubber blade seals.

Regardless of the total length you order, you will receive one continuous length – up to 100 feet

Very easy to cut with utility knife or scissors.

1-1/8″ & 2-1/2″ widths, see line drawings, that measurement is the blade width, the usable width. For our 1-1/8″ Width rubber seal, click here – RUBBER WEATHER SEALS

Rubber is superior to vinyl in that it will remain pliable longer and will last longer overall. it is also advisable to use a rubber seal in extreme cold.

This product is rated and tested in temperatures of -50 to -350 degrees.

We stock a wide variety of aluminum retainers that accept this type of blade seal.We also carry this type of blade seal in vinyl.

Retainers for this weather stripping can be found here – WEATHER SEAL RETAINER

This type of weather stripping can be used in a seemingly endless variety of situations and on practically any object that needs weather seals. The varying retainers and weather seal widths can be combined in a vast number of varieties that allow you great flexibility in dealing with your weather seal project. These can be used horizontally or vertically, for a top, side or bottom seal. We have used this type of seal to close up sliding doors, windows, walls, shutters, gates and other things. This weather stripping – rubber is used in any situation wear extreme cold and heavy use comes into play. We have used this on freezer doors and on may external situations that were exposed to extreme weather.

We also carry BRUSH SEAL that works in the same retainers as does this weather stripping – rubber plus our vinyl seals as well. Certain situations require a combination of blade and brush seals, being able to use the same retainer is a big plus in that type of job site condition. We have also had situations were we needed a colored blade seal on one area of a project and used one of our vinyl seals the used this rubber type on another section of the project, again, having the option of using the same retainer with a variety of different types of weather seals can really come in handy.

Our vinyl blade seals can be found here –  BLADE WEATHER SEAL

Our brush seal can be found here – BRUSH SEAL


Weather Stripping – Rubber

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1-1/8" Black, 2-1/2" Black


1 Foot, 2 Foot, 3 Foot, 4 Foot, 5 Foot, 6 Foot, 7 Foot, 8 Foot, 9 Foot, 10 Foot