Vinyl Door Bottom Sweep


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Door Sweep

Door Bottom Sweep

Entry Door Weather Seal

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Vinyl Door Bottom Sweep

Vinyl Door Bottom Sweep

Door Sweep Kit, mounting screws included.

Weather seal portion is made of durable vinyl, Retainer is Aluminum.

Available in Brown or Mill finish – Mill finish is bare aluminum.


Kit is also available with a Brush seal here – COMMERCIAL BRUSH DOOR SWEEP


We also have kits for residential doors as well, click here – DOOR SWEEPS


Entry Door Sweep Kit is for commercial entry doors and provides a barrier against dust, dirt, drafts, snow and moisture. Every exterior door can benefit by using a door sweep.
The vinyl door sweep kit creates a better seal than the original door bottom seal  by creating a tighter seal that seals out drafts more effective than most OEM weather seals and door sweeps.
This seal is to be used with residential entry doors and is available in brown or Mill (aluminum) finish in 3′ or 4′ variations.


Door Kit Includes:

3′ or 4′ x 1-1/4″ Brown or Mill Pre drilled Retainer
3′ or 4′ x 1-3/8″ Vinyl Door Sweep
Matching Screws for retainer
Quick Installation Guide




Vinyl seal is best used when the floor is level and free of cracks or other imperfections. If the floor does have issues, brush seal is the perfect solution, brush seals will conform to the floor regardless of any cracks or other imperfections. A vinyl seal will give a better overall seal if the floor is level and is free of imperfections but brush seal will give the best possible seal when there are issues with the floor.

These seals can also be used in any manner needed, not just as a door sweep on the bottom of the door. They’re very versatile and easy to modify.


See the line drawing of this product for exact measurements.

Also, check out our video on this and all our products for a better look at this door sweep.

This door bottom sweep is primarily used on exterior doors but we have found that installing these door sweeps on interior doors greatly cuts down on room to room drafts in a dwelling.


Easy Installation:

Vinyl Door Bottom Sweep is installed on the inside of the door.

Remove any existing door sweep. Close the door and working from the inside, position the door sweep on the bottom of the door, keep one edge flush with the edge of the door and mark the other end of the retainer of the door sweep at the other edge of the door. Pull the weather seal out past the mark on the retainer where you will be cutting. Using a hack saw, cut the retainer, then pull the weather seal back into place and leave 1/2″ of extra weather seal sticking out of both ends, then cut the weather seal. After the install is complete you will trim off any access weather seal, it is best to use a utility knife with a new, sharp blade to cut the weather seal. Now, position the sweep on the bottom of the door with both edges of the retainer even with the edge of the door, bring the sweep down to the floor. With the sweep making contact with the floor, mark all the pre drilled slots onto the door. Typically, drilling pilot holes at the bottom of the slotted mark on the door will allow you the perfect amount of adjustability downward with the sweep to get a perfect seal along the entire bottom of the door. Once all the holes are pre drilled, simply install the sweep and press the sweep down so that the screws are at the top of the slots on the sweep and tighten the screws. Once the door sweep is installed trim the weather seal as needed and lightly crimp the retainer on the ends to hold the weather seal in place.
These sweeps can be used for interior and exterior doors, doors such as Masonite exterior doors, modern door, home door, screen doors, back door, side door, garage entry doors, entrance doors, double doors. This is a great upgrade to any entry door and the energy savings realized will quickly off set the low up front cost of the door sweep


Check out all our door sweeps to determine the best one for your particular application.


Call or email if you need any help in deciding which type of seal you need we’re happy to help, sending photos via email is a great way for us to help you determine the correct products for your needs.


Door Bottom Sweep


Vinyl Door Bottom Sweep


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