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Aluminum Weather Seal Retainer.

If mounting to a metal surface, we carry screws here – Weather Seal Retainer Screws

Inside leg is 1-1/2″

Bottom is 1/2″

Aluminum is .050 Thick

Length is 55″ for each section

Accepts 1/4″ T Style Weather Seal

1 – Length = 55”
2 – Lengths =110’ or 9’2”
3 – Lengths = 165” or 13’-9”
4 – Lengths = 220” or 18’-4”
5 – Lengths = 275” or 22’-11”


Made in the USA




This is the perfect weather seal retainer for counter doors, shutters, sliding doors and windows, vertical and horizontal applications. Used in conjunction with our 1/2″ -1/4″ T Bulb seal, this retainer gives you endless options as to installation. This is a very adaptable retainer that can produce outstanding results on many different applications.

For an excellent choice of weather seal for this retainer, click here – WEATHER SEAL


We offer a wide variety of garage door bottom retainers that can be used not only on garage doors, but on anything that needs a good quality weather seal. Using the correct retainer on your project will then allow you to choose the correct weather seal from a wide variety of seals. We carry garage door bottom retainers in aluminum and PVC. All our retainers are sold in 54” or 55” lengths and are combined to achieve the desired total length. These lengths are butted together and produce a nice finish.


Replacing the garage door bottom retainer on the bottom of the garage door will allow you to use the common, ¼” T style weather seal that is available in a wide variety of options, to see the different ¼ T style weather seal options we stock – click here – T STYLE SEALS


Aluminum and PVC garage door bottom retainers are very easy to install.

Below are instructions for weather seal retainer installation on garage doors, this particular weather seal retainer is very versatile and used on many other applications besides garage doors.
Typically if is advisable to remove the existing retainer from the bottom of the garage door. In some instances it will be okay to install the new retainer over the existing retainer however, and it is imperative that the new retainer is mounted securely to the bottom of the garage door.
Hold the first length of retainer up to the bottom of the garage door and make sure it’s even with the end of the garage door. If needed, clamp in place. Using a pencil or marker, mark the retainer for any trimming, notching or cutting that is needed. Sometimes trimming around the bottom fixture of the garage door is needed. Beware that the bottom fixture is under extreme pressure / spring tension and do not remove the bottom fixture or cable that is attached to the bottom fixture unless all spring tension has been removed. It is best to trim the new retainer to fit around or right up to the bottom fixture. In most circumstances only the inside leg of the retainer will need to be trimmed. Use a hack saw to cut the retainer. In most situations, it is advisable to use a good quality silicone on the bottom of the door, between the retainer and the garage door, this is particularly important if you are working with a wood door. Secure the retainer to the bottom of the door using the provided fasteners or fasteners of your choice. In most situations, screw up through the bottom of the retainer between the channels on the retainer and also screw the inside leg of the retainer to the inside of the garage door. The object being that the retainer is securely fastened to the bottom of the door providing a good solid platform for the garage door weather seal. Once the first length of retainer is installed, continue installing sections until you reach the other end of the do. Trim, cut or notch the last length of retainer as needed. Clean off any excess silicone as needed.
Now you are ready to install the garage door weather seal. We use WD40 or a like product to help slide the weather seal along the channels of the retainer.



We have videos of this and all our products that give you a better look at the item and also have a short dissertation about the item.

If you are unsure of the correct  weather seal retainer and/or weather seal for your application, email us some photos and include the thickness and width of the door and we will point you in the right direction.


Weather Seal Retainer


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1 – 55" LENGTH, 2 – 55" LENGTHS, 3 – 55" LENGTHS, 4 – 55" LENGTHS, 5 – 55" LENGTHS, 6 – 55" LENGTHS, 7 – 55" LENGTHS, 8 – 55" LENGTHS, 9 – 55" LENGTHS, 10 – 55" LENGTHS

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