Clopay Garage Door Weather Seal


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Clopay Garage Door Weather Stripping

Clopay Weather Seal


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Clopay Garage Door Weather Seal

CLOPAY garage door bottom weather seal.
Bottom weather seal made for Clopay garage doors with a SINGLE channel on the door bottom.
Folds into a BULB shape.
.050” thickness.
The weather seal is grooved on bottom to prevent freezing to the floor

All lengths are a minimum 2” longer that size listed for a custom fit to your garage door.
Easy to cut to the desired length with a utility knife.
Available in up to 200’ continuous rolls.




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Installs easily with two people. One forms and guides seal into track and the second person pulls the weather seal along the channel on the bottom of the door. Prior to installing the new weather seal check the bottom of the door for any damage and address as needed. Use a lubricant such as WD40 to lubricate the channel, that greatly helps the weather seal to slide into and down the channel or retainer.

DO NOT stretch the weather seal, pull the seal so that it is not stressed and is sitting freely in the retainer, then and only then, trim off any excess weather seal and lightly pinch the channel ends to hold the weather seal in place.


Note: If you have a floor issue that cannot be addressed by using this type of weather seal, we can help.

Due to the Single Channel Clopay Retainer, this is the only size garage door weather seal available for that retainer system.
However by simply replacing the bottom retainer on the door it will allow you to choose from a wide variety of garage door weather seal to address any job site conditions.

Check out our retainers here –  WEATHER SEAL RETAINER


The key to choosing the correct bottom retainer is primarily the door thickness, once that is established you can narrow down your retainer options quickly.

Then check our T STYLE SEALS, any of our U shaped 1/4″ T style weather seals fit our retainers.


You may also want to consider one of our complete weather seal kits, check those out here – WEATHER SEAL BOTTOM KITS

With the proper retainer and weather seal combination you can effectively seal any garage door to any floor.


We can help you seal up ANY Garage Door!


If you are uncertain of the correct weather seal for your door or application, call, email or better yet, send us some photos of the existing weather seal removed from the door. We need to see the area of the weather seal that slides into the channel or retainer on the bottom of the door, include door thickness and width and any other measurements you can attain from the existing weather seal.


Also, for a closer look at this and or any of our products, check out our videos.


Clopay Garage Door Weather Seal

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