Wayne Dalton Garage Door Seal – T Bulb Style


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Mini Warehouse garage door weather seal

Sheet door weather stripping

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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Seal – T Bulb Style

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Seal

Garage Door Weather Seal for use with Wayne Dalton garage doors.
Bottom Weather Seal for Garage Doors
Wayne Dalton T Bulb weather seal.
Used on garage doors and rolling warehouse doors.


Common weather seal to WAYNE DALTON mini warehouse doors.

Also referred to as Sheet Doors, self storage doors and rolling doors.

T = 7/16″ wide – .438
Bulb is 7/8″ x 7/8″

Length is at least 2″ longer than listed to allow for a custom fit.
This garage door seal slides into a single track on the bottom of the door.
Used most commonly for mini warehouse doors.
Available in uncut lengths up to 250′.
Email or call for bulk sales over 100′.





Easy to install.

-Remove old weather seal, clean and straighten the bottom retainer if needed.
-Check the ends of the retainer, they may have been pinched when originally installed, address as needed.
-Spray lubricant such as WD-40 into the channels to help slide the seal.
-One person guides the seal into the tracks, one person pulls the weather seal.
-Do not stretch the weather seal tight, move it along the bottom of the door until it is not being stressed or stretched.
-Cut off any excess and lightly crimp the ends of the channel to hold the garage door bottom weather stripping in place.


If your door requires this type of weather seal and this type of weather seal does not seal the door to the floor, we can help.

Replacing the bottom retainer in the door will allow you to use a more common style of weather seal that is available in many shapes, sizes and styles to match any job site condition.

Check out our retainers here – WEATHER SEAL RETAINER


Here is a link to weather seals that work with our retainers – T STYLE SEALS


We also stock blade and brush seals and retainers.

If you need help in determining the correct seal for your project, email or call.

If you are replacing an existing seal and are uncertain if this is the correct seal, send us some photos with measurements of the existing seal and we can help.


Here is a link that has some information on Wayne Dalton Sheet doors / mini warehouse doors.



Check out our video on this and all our products.


Wayne Dalton Garage Door Seal


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