Overhead Door Commercial Weather Seal


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Overhead Door Brand Commercial Garage Door Weather Seal
Garage Door Weather Stripping

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Overhead Door Commercial

Weather Seal


Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal for Overhead Door Brand Commercial Doors

This weather seal is for 400 Series Overhead Door BRAND commercial garage doors.


Overhead Door Commercial Weather Seal


Do not confuse this garage door weather seal with the residential type Overhead Door Brand seals, this is for

Overhead Door Brand COMMERCIAL garage doors, primarily the 400 series Overhead Door Brand product line.



Typically the 400 series has a ribbed exterior. This seal is used on both insulated and non insulated Overhead Door Brand Commercial Garage Doors

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Weather seal is held in place by a metal L shaped retainer.

This overhead door commercial weather seal fits between the bottom section and the metal retainer.
It is constructed from PVC and is a very heavy duty and robust weather seal that will provide years of service.

Designed to withstand the demands of any commercial application.
This product is made in the USA.



This weather seal will also work on any door that has a ship lap bottom in conjunction with a simple L shaped metal retainer.

The retainer holding this weather seal may be screwed or spot welded to the door.
If spot welded, drill out the spot welds and use sheet metal screws or bolt and nut the retainer back into place.
Leave the seal a bit loose as opposed to stretching it, when you install.
Ends of the seal can be screwed right to the bottom of the door.


If you need any help with determining if this is the correct seal for your door, send us an email for a quick response, or call, we’re glad to help.

Sending us clear photos of the existing seal via email is the best and quickest way for us to help you determine the correct seal for your door.

We need to see a small cross section of the seal, pull out a small length of the seal and slice it off with a sharp utility knife, then photo.



Check out our video of this weather seal for further details and a good look at this seal.


If this type of seal is not sealing your door to the floor properly, that can be rectified by replacing the bottom retainer on the door. We carry many retainer options that, coupled with our different weather seal options, will allow you to seal any door to any floor.

Click this link to see our retainer options – WEATHER SEAL RETAINER

We carry a wide variety of high quality, heavy duty garage door weather seals. We can help you seal any garage door with the right combination of our products to fit your needs.

See our retainer category and also check out our videos on our garage door weather seal kits as well.
Every one of our products come with Fast and Free priority shipping.


Overhead Door Commercial Weather Seal



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