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Rubber Weather Stripping

Neoprene Weather Seal



Weather Seal Rubber

Weather Seal Rubber


Neoprene non-reinforced Weather Seal Rubber sheeting
We carry a variety of rubber and neoprene sheet weather seal. These products can be used for applications other than weather seal. However, this type of sheeting allows unlimited flexibility as a weather seal.
Widths are:

6”, 9”, 12” & 18”
Roll length is 50’ per roll.
We have 4 options and we have individual listings for all four.
1/16” Thickness, neoprene non-reinforced
1/8” Thickness, neoprene non-reinforced
1/8” Thickness, neoprene reinforced
1/8” Thickness, premium EDPM rubber reinforced

See our store category Rubber Sheeting for all of these options, click here – RUBBER SHEETING



For more information on neoprene rubber, click here – NEOPRENE
Typically this material can be nailed directly to a header. This is also a great option for sealing one piece of overhead doors and sliding doors. Perfect weather seal for an edge seal on any sliding device. This type of rubber weather seal can be easily crafted to be used a header baffles on rolling steel type doors. This is an invaluable tool when a direct replacement weather stripping is not available.
We have fabricated metal and wood retainers to allow this type of seal to be used both horizontally and vertically. Because it is easy to cut, this is a very adaptable and easy to use product. We have used lengths, sections, pieces of this type of product to seal up many hard to seal situations over the years. It really is an invaluable tool if you have any type of out of the box weather stripping job on your hands. Vary easy to cut with a sharp utility knife, quality scissors or shears. This weather seal can be held in place with adhesive, screws, nails, various retainers or other means.


If you have any questions or need help with a bulk order call or email us, we’d be happy to help you.


Consider our EDPM Rubber type for outdoor applications that will be subjected to UV rays, EDPM Rubber will last longer under heavy UV ray exposure.

We have a video on this product that will give you a closer look, be sure to check that out.

Rubber Weather Seal


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6" WIDE – 50' ROLL, 9" WIDE – 50' ROLL, 12" WIDE – 50' ROLL, 18" WIDE – 50' ROLL

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